10 Weeks and Counting….

Reality is setting in!! If you didn’t know, I’m scheduled to run my first 50 miler (yup, you read that correctly, 50 MILES!) in 10 weeks and 4 days. 10 WEEKS!! But who’s counting?!?!

What goes in to training for a 50 miler? LOTS of miles, sweat, and a good mental attitude. More importantly: FOOD, real food. I am not talking fast food hamburgers, Starbucks lattes and potato chips (although sometimes I do indulge in potato chips), I am talking about real wholesome food. Foods that don’t have labels, additives or  preservatives. Foods like brown rice, vegetables (lots of them), nuts, seeds, fruit and fish.

What does running and nutrition have in common? Nutrition is key because it will allow me to perform my best not only in training, but on race day. Think of your body as a car engine. If you were told that the car you have right now was going to be the last one you would ever own and it had to last you the rest of your life, would you start taking care if it and doing preventive maintenance on it? Our bodies arethumb_IMG_5637_1024 just like that. We only get one body. If we don’t feed it properly on a daily basis, how can we expect it to preform to the best of its’ ability? Needless to say we can not exercise ourselves out of a bad diet. This is why nutrition is huge for me on a daily basis and definitely while training.

This weekend I am running the Mount Laguna Marathon. It is a great way to get in a long run … with lots of people 🙂

Follow me each week while I train and fuel for the big 50!








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