Artisan’s Palate

I was on a quest to find more whole foods for running/racing when I stumbled on to Jade Belzberg’s post about Muir Energy Gels. I got really excited!! Yesterday I finally had an opportunity to search out these gels and I was directed to this AMAZING place called Artisan’s Palate! I don’t know how I did not know about this place before, but they have everything from lotion, to oils, to baking mixes and cassava flour. EVERYTHING in the store is gluten free, which is a total bonus!! I believe everythiIMG_8269ng is also non-GMO, organic and many of their products are paleo. They also have fresh bone broth, sauerkraut and lots of other treats and goodies. There is an Elixir Bar as well, which I will have to check out on my next visit!

The shop has a boutique feel and they carry a great selection of foods by boutique food makers and local companies! They have a ton of great healthy alternative items … a nutritionist’s dream! Upon walking in we were kindly greeted by the owner Pia who was extremely helpful. She walked us though the store and had a ton of samples in the middle which was great! I was able to taste the Muir Energy Gels before even buying them. I was totally sold! I bought one of each flavor. The plan is to test the gels out on my 24 mile run this weekend (stay tuned for an update).

I could have bought almost one of everything in there, but I managed to just buy a “few” items to test out. One product I bought was the Paleokrunch Cinnamon GRAINLESS Granola!! I must say it is simply  amazing! Contains zero junk, and no refined sugars (sweetened with honey)! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Because of my husband’s coffee obsession I bought him a sample of something called Coffee Blocks. If you are familiar with IMG_8273bullet proof coffee it is like that. It contains coconut oil, clarified butter and egg yolks. The verdict: he LOVED it. I took a small taste and it was delicious!

I also bought Raw Revelations Coffee Fix which is a caffeine free herbal coffee replacement. I don’t drink a ton of coffee, but I was interested in trying this product out. I do like a warm cup of something in the mornings and sometimes want more than tea, but not coffee. The Coffee Fix contains herbs that support stress response, adrenal health and energy product as well as immunity. It also does not have the acidity or bitterness which you typically find in a cup of coffee. I plan to try this out shortly and will update!

A few other items I purchased were Simple Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix (it is a mixture of almond meal and coconut flour). Since I haven’t had success with making grain free pancakes/waffles I am excited to try this out. Fingers crossed! I also found something called RXBar, flavor: mint chocolate. I have never heard of this brand before. It contains zero junk and is made with whole foods. I had a small bite while my husband consumed it. It was obviously delicious!

If you live locally in Temecula, CA, here for wine tasting or just visitingIMG_8270 the area this is a MUST go to place! It’s also great to support a local business like this one. There is literally nothing like it in Temecula! I am SO happy to have found this store! Looking forward to my next visit!

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