Boost Your Vegetable Intake

I always hear it is easy to consume fruit, but when it comes to vegetables, most people struggle to add them into their meals. Like fruit, vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals and contain lots of fiber. Here are some quick and easy ways to boost your vegetable intake:

  1. Add vegetables to your breakfast
    • add sautéed vegetables to your eggs or spinach to your smoothie
  2. Replace pasta with vegetables
    • spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles are an excellent replacement
  3. Pre-cut your veggies when you buy them and have them readily available for snacks
    • cut them into sticks, and eat them plain or dip them in hummus
  4. Celery sticks and apple slices
    • celery and apples go great with any nut butter, and is an easy, satisfying snack between meals
  5. Have frozen vegetables available in the freezer
    • fresh is always better, but it is nice to have some backups when life gets busy
  6. Include at least 2 different vegetables during lunch and dinner
    • include at least two times more vegetables on your plate than grains, beans or protein

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