Success Stories

AnnaMaria L.

Becca is such an amazing person and professional. The thing that strikes me most is that she holds the same mentality as I do regarding fitness and nutrition…it’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.  Becca had creative and immediate insights to my nutritional concerns.  I needed help with brain fog, energy levels and some others…she was on point, provided me with accountability, and most importantly she was such a kind and loving person. Thank you!!



Cheryl P.

I have always considered myself a pretty healthy person and did my best to eat what I thought was good for me but I felt like I was just missing something. Getting the opportunity to work with Becca brought me a whole new light on healthy eating, nutrition, and making the best decisions on what goes in to my body! Education is key to healthy eating and I finally feel like I can finally make the best decisions for myself and my family when shopping for food or even eating out. From her handouts, exercises, grocery store visits and more…

Becca truly dedicates herself to ensuring that you are given the knowledge and power to begin leading a healthier lifestyle. Becca was truly incredible to work with. Her positive attitude and passion for what she does truly makes it an easy, comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. I would highly recommend Becca to anyone that is looking to make a lifestyle change towards healthier living.


Patti H.

After having children I became more concerned about what I was feeding them, though breast milk and food. Becca has been great to work with, helping me make the best decisions possible. There is so much new information all the time it gets overwhelming to try to weed through it on your own. It’s nice to have someone I trust help steer me to make the right choices. She is always available when I have questions- what’s the difference between cocoa & cacao, where can I find coconut butter, should we be eating gelatin???

On our grocery store tour she helped me choose the best options for items I buy all the time. I don’t always, ok never, have time to stand there and read labels with two small children. It’s so nice to know I can just grab what I need and feel good about it because it has been “Becca approved”! The food I buy effects the health of my whole family, now I’m confident that they are getting the best nutrition possible.

Becca has also been super helpful giving me ideas of what to cook for my husband so he doesn’t think he is “eating healthy”. He is more difficult than the toddler!

Michelle S.

So, this girl walks up to the start line of her first marathon with a banana in one hand, a granola bar in the other, and a pb&j  sandwich ziplocked and safety pinned to her waistband and thinks to herself,  “I’ve got this.”   To say Becca had her work cut out for her when she met me is an understatement of epic proportion.

Fast forward many marathons and ultras later and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Becca, my wheels would have fallen off a long time ago.  With patience, kindness and an indiscriminate mind, she listens to your issues, your routines, your wants and your needs and helps you to develop a plan to achieve your goals, and maintain them.   She taught me how to fuel my body before the run so that it would react  better on the run.   She showed me how to get to the finish line feeling just as good as when I started, all by using the proper nutrition while running.  She inspired me with recipes that I confidently share because I know it is “Becca approved” and good for all of us.   She showed me the importance of recovery and cross training and even introduced me to local pilates classes.  She patiently helped me to learn how to grocery shop and not be swayed by the “all natural” propaganda.   But most importantly, she helped me to become an advocate for myself.  And it’s with complete assurance that I say, I am a better runner because of her.